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“That voice of hers is evocative, strong and full of character, with a story to tell that will resonate with us all.”
~ mp3 hugger 

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"The guitars have a classic Americana sound, seeing some lovely, bluesy motifs break off from the strummed acoustic guitars that provide the backbone for the piece. And of course, Leah’s vocals sound absolutely stunning, leading through the music in a sultry way here."

~ York Calling

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"When a passionate, charming performer with a story to tell arrives to add to the country repertoire, it is hard to avoid paying attention. Just like Gram Parsons turned a host of rockers on to classic North American music, so can Leah Tash judging by the excellent 'All You Ramblers.' It’s a song written and sang as if it has always existed, a classic."

~ Alt77

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"Leah Tash‘s ‘Paradise’ fuses blues, Americana and jazz sensibilities effortlessly. Fans of the likes of Bob Dylan and Norah Jones will feel at home here."

~ HRMNY Presents

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